The process of restoring your smartphone returns your device to its factory settings and will reinstall the operating system on your phone. This will reset all of your functions to default and will erase the information you have stored onto your device. Cell+ER can help you to restore your device if you choose to do so. This lends itself to the question, “Why factory restore your iPhone or device?”

There are several reasons in which someone may choose to restore their smartphone. You may choose to restore it in hopes to repair it, increase performance, transfer ownership and more. It is important to note, if you are planning to restore your device with the intention of keeping it, you may want to backup your device. This is because all of the information on your phone, including songs, apps, phone numbers, photos, and more will be wiped from your device. Once this data is deleted you will not be able to retrieve it without first manually backing up your device.

Restoration For Repair

If you have noticed lower performance in your device, you may benefit from factory restoring your device. iPhone’s often times will malfunction due to a corrupted iOS update, application installation, software problem or hardware issue. Bring your device into one of our many locations to first ensure that your phone is not experiencing another type of issue. You may even find that your phone issue can be resolved with a more simple solution, such as a hard reset of the device. Whatever the problem may be, we can help you find the solution!

Restoration For Ownership Transfer

Smartphones are not cheap devices; often times when we upgrade our phones we choose to resell our previous devices to get a return on the purchase. Before selling your device to someone you may find it beneficial to perform a factory restore on the device. This will allow you to wipe the phone clean of your personal information. This includes saved credit card information, photos, addresses, phone numbers and more. Once a smartphone is restore to its factory settings, a new owner can come in and properly make the device their own.

Restoration For Performance

Whenever a smartphone becomes overwhelmed with too much data, it can cause a performance issue. If you have a device that is low on available storage space you may want to manually go through your device erasing apps and other datas wasters you are not using. Sometimes it is easier to start fresh with a factory restore to achieve this goal.

Have another repair?

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