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While iPads are very sophisticated, they are not immune from having hardware and software issues. At Cell+ER we know how many people rely on their iPads for everything from doing work for their jobs to homeschooling their children. This is why we have made a point to offer the absolute best iPad Screen Repair in Houston, while also offering other repair services as well.

Our goal is to offer same day services on all of our device repair, so that you can get your iPad back in your hands as soon as possible. Our entire staff is well trained and highly knowledgeable when it comes to the latest Apple developments and changes in software and hardware, to serve you better.

Whether you are trying to get an older iPad model repaired or the newest one, our skilled qualified engineers and technicians make iPhone repair easy! Contact us today to have your iPad back to normal by tonight, you’ll be glad you did!

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At Cell+ER Phone Repair, we specialize in quick and convenient iPad repairs. We know how much people depend on their devices, so we have worked hard to make the repair process as smooth and simple as possible. All of the pieces and parts we use to repair your iPad are high quality to ensure your device will run like new. Whether your iPad has a broken screen, busted speaker, bad battery, or software problem, the technicians at Cell+ER Phone Repair are ready to correct your problems and get your iPad back to normal! We will beat the price of any competitor in the Greater Houston area and give you a 90 day warranty for any repair you get, ensuring you are getting the best value possible.

When it comes to the best iPad repair in Houston, Cell+ER Phone Repair takes the cake! We have the kind of knowledge and experience only time and passion can offer. Stop putting up with your dysfunctional iPad and contact us today! We will have your iPad running as good as new in no time!

Free Diagnostic Service

Our Cell+ER expert will consult with you on what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and the affordable price at which we can repair your device.

Price Match Guarantee

Unbeatable prices! We will match any lower price on cell phone repair services with any local repair shops in Houston and surrounding areas.

Same Day Repair

On average, most repairs can be done in 30 minutes. Simply drop-off and pick-up all in the same day depending on your free diagnostic report.

90-Day Warranty

All our repairs come with warranty. In case the original repair or replacement turns out faulty in any way, bring it back in. No questions asked!