Seeing those bars in our cell phones is a common sight now but several years ago when the mobile was introduced to us it was a different story. Sighting those bars was a celebratory event. This entailed a party because it guaranteed a great call. During those times connecting with our far off located family members and loved ones was a thing that we waited for. Now though it is a completely different story. The speed with which our cell phones are evolving is faster than we make up our minds to hit the like button on our favorite social media channel.

But there are times when we encounter serious call drops and signal issues in our phones. We just can’t make a call anywhere. And when this happens in some emergency, we just want to pull our hair right out from the roots. Yes, the moment our cell phones lose signals and we lose our minds. What do you do in such situations? According to most leading cell phone repair Spring, TX shops you’re better off using an External Antenna.

Well yes, even this can be a solution to frequent call drops. Using a Jack External Antenna for the purpose solves a lot of tower issues. These can easily be plugged into the headphone jack of your cell phone and work to boost the signal. But there is a catch here, the signal that you receive will depend a lot on the make and model of your cell phone. But you needn’t worry because there are usually different options available for you.

Now with different options I mean gadgets that come at different prices and of course these will have their own drawbacks. One of the most obvious is that they are easily one of the tackiest and heaviest additions to any cell phone. Needles to mention they are a huge inconvenience except for the purpose that they serve. Any reputed cell phone repair Spring, TX shop would recommend this only in extreme cases because carrying them everywhere is just not practical. Yes, and to your surprise, some of them look a lot like old fashioned TV antennas and you wouldn’t want people to stare would you?