A lot of people just like us rely heavily on their computers and laptops for work. Students work on their school projects and your kids are fond of playing games on them. Your college going daughter does her presentations on it and your son watches HD movies on it. This makes your computers and laptops work overtime. They get tired and become prone to crashing and overheating. Apart from these common problems there are more severe and annoying computer and laptop repair issues that we face and these are:

Battery Not Charging

This is perhaps the most common issue with your laptops. It is in fact common to most tablets and all battery powered systems and notebooks as well. Reason could be battery failure, or its DC jack being too loose. A quick solution would be to take the battery out and then placing it back in after a minute. Make sure to clean it because it could just be dirty. Tighten the connection from the wall charger to the adapter and the battery to the laptop to make sure everything is tightly in place and has full contact with one another.


Screen Repair

MacBook screen repair is a big issue these days. In fact this is true for every high end laptop or computer. The scratch less coating does little to protect the LCD and this is the time you feel you had someone to rely upon. MacBook screen repairs in particular are very tricky because they can be very expensive. After having spent hundreds of dollars on an Apple device you are not that willing to pay more for a MacBook screen repair.

Sudden And Random Shutdown

Another very common issue that most computer and laptop owners face is frequent shutdowns. This seems scary because anything that isn’t saved or rendered may get corrupted or be lost forever. Yes, when your laptop or MacBook goes off suddenly and for no apparent reason, you get tensed. You also see that it has gotten hotter than usual and doesn’t respond to your clicks and typing. You can begin with cleaning your device on a regular basis as dust can be a cause of overheating. Apart from that try rebooting the device when it happens too frequently.

Display Going Blank

This is another very annoying problem that many computers face. It is especially common among AIO PCs and it can be due to a lose connector wire or cables that connect the main machinery to the display. A BIOS flash will not fix it. You will have to take it to the nearest computer and laptop repair shop to get it fixed.