Sugar Land TX Cell Phone Repair

Over time people have become more and more dependent on our electronic devices for all that we do. This heavy reliance on our electronic devices has made it extremely frustrating whenever we experience a malfunction or breakdown. At Cell + ER Phone Repair we have worked to provide all of our clients with quick and reliable electronic repair services.

Our Sugar Land TX cell phone repair technicians offer a wide range of repairs on electronics including all types of smartphones, iPhone, iPads, tablets, laptops, Macs, and PCs. From simple fixes such as part repair and replacement, to complex internal repairs, we are here for you! For every repair service we use high quality parts and pieces, to ensure you are getting lasting use out of your phone.

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Best Sugar Land TX Cell Phone Repairs

At Cell + ER Phone Repair, we ensure all of our customers are met with the kind of convenience that our competition can’t compare to, making us have the best cell phone repair in Sugar Land, TX. For most of our electronic device services we do same day repairs, so you can get your phone, tablet, or computer back as soon as possible. Our repair process is as simple as possible, just bring your phone in, talk to one of our technicians and we’ll handle it from there!

Whenever your device is finished being repaired we will give you a call for pickup. All device repairs come with a 90 day guarantee, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. At Cell + ER Phone Repair, we strive for our services to be affordable for our clients and offer price matching with any other repair company in the Sugar Land TX area. Ditch the shattered screen, come see us today!

Free Screen Repair! Are you a Federal Employee?

During this Government shutdown, if you are a federal employee, we want to take care of you. Smartphone screen repair or replacement for FREE at Cell+ER repair.

*Does not include iPhone X series
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Free Diagnostic Service

Our Cell+ER expert will consult with you on what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and the affordable price at which we can repair your device.

Price Match Guarantee

Unbeatable prices! We will match any lower price on cell phone repair services with any local repair shops in Houston and surrounding areas.

Same Day Repair

On average, most repairs can be done in 30 minutes. Simply drop-off and pick-up all in the same day depending on your free diagnostic report.

90-Day Warranty

All our repairs come with warranty. In case the original repair or replacement turns out faulty in any way, bring it back in. No questions asked!