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Fulshear TX Cell Phone Repair

These days most of us depend on our electronic devices to get us through our day. This makes a damaged smartphone, tablet, or computer a major inconvenience that can impact our ability to communicate, work, or even find our way around town! At Cell + ER Phone Repair, our Fulshear TX cell phone repair technicians know how much your electronics mean to you!

Cell + ER offers a wide range of repairs on electronics including all types of smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, Macs, and PCs. Whether you are looking for a simple screen repair for your smartphone, or are in need of a more complex repair, our experienced technicians are here for you!

What can we fix for you today?

Best Fulshear TX Cell Phone Repairs

At Cell + ER Phone Repair, we have perfected customer convenience allowing us to have the best cell phone repair in Fulshear, TX! On many device repairs we can offer same day service! Meaning all you have to do is come in, have a quick consultation with one of our technicians and leave the rest to us!

Cell + ER chooses to only work with high quality parts to ensure you are getting the most out of your repairs. If you find a company in the Fulshear, TX area with a better repair price than us, we will match or beat their price. Additionally, we extend a 90 day warranty with every repair to give you peace of mind!

Whether you are in need of speaker replacement, new phone screen, want to unlock your phone, or do a factory reset on your computer, Our Fulshear, TX cell phone repair technicians are here for your needs! Do not put off your electronic repairs. When you are looking for the best cell phone repair in Fulshear, TX, come to Cell + ER Phone Repair!

Free Screen Repair! Are you a Federal Employee?

During this Government shutdown, if you are a federal employee, we want to take care of you. Smartphone screen repair or replacement for FREE at Cell+ER repair.

*Does not include iPhone X series
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Free Diagnostic Service

Our Cell+ER expert will consult with you on what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and the affordable price at which we can repair your device.

Price Match Guarantee

Unbeatable prices! We will match any lower price on cell phone repair services with any local repair shops in Houston and surrounding areas.

Same Day Repair

On average, most repairs can be done in 30 minutes. Simply drop-off and pick-up all in the same day depending on your free diagnostic report.

90-Day Warranty

All our repairs come with warranty. In case the original repair or replacement turns out faulty in any way, bring it back in. No questions asked!