Cypress TX Cell Phone Repair

From work to entertainment, it is safe to say that these days many of us rely heavily on our electronic devices to get us through the day. Whenever one of our integral electronic devices is dropped, exposed to moisture, or suffers an internal issue we need it fixed quickly and correctly.

Our Cypress TX cell phone repair technicians have made it our goal to provide fast and convenient electronic repair services our clients can trust. Cell + ER offers a wide range of repairs on electronics including all types of smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, Macs, and PCs.

Cell + ER gives you the most out of your repairs by always working with high quality pieces and staying current on all relevant software. We are prepared to do everything from simple repairs to your smartphone to solving more complex issues you may face with your computer.

What can we fix for you today?

Top Best Cypress TX Cell Phone Repairs

Cell + ER provides all of our customers with a level of convenience our competition just can’t match, strengthening our belief that we provide the best cell phone repair in Cypress, TX. On many devices we are able to offer our clients same day repair services, helping to get your electronic back in your hand as soon as possible.

Whether you have a shattered iPhone screen, an Android with a bad battery, or a computer that will not turn on, we are here for you. Cell + ER have a low-price guarantee, meaning when you come to us, we promise to match or beat any other electronic repair company in the Houston area. We also extend a 90 day warranty to all of our customers for peace of mind.

Just come in, consult with one of our experienced Cypress TX cell phone repair technicians. Drop off your device and we will work to repair your device as quickly as possible. Come to us for the best cell phone repair in Cypress, TX. We will call you when it is ready for pickup!

Free Screen Repair! Are you a Federal Employee?

During this Government shutdown, if you are a federal employee, we want to take care of you. Smartphone screen repair or replacement for FREE at Cell+ER repair.

*Does not include iPhone X series
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Free Diagnostic Service

Our Cell+ER expert will consult with you on what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and the affordable price at which we can repair your device.

Price Match Guarantee

Unbeatable prices! We will match any lower price on cell phone repair services with any local repair shops in Houston and surrounding areas.

Same Day Repair

On average, most repairs can be done in 30 minutes. Simply drop-off and pick-up all in the same day depending on your free diagnostic report.

90-Day Warranty

All our repairs come with warranty. In case the original repair or replacement turns out faulty in any way, bring it back in. No questions asked!