Charging your iPhone or high end Samsung device is easy but deciphering what the charge trickle means is not. There are so many misconceptions and wrong notions attached to smartphone batteries and their discharge. And truth be told it is all our doing for the most part. We assume things and do not care to find out how exactly a cell phone works in order to stay alive for so many hours. These habits lead us to cell phone repair shops more often than we should have to go there. Ask any cell er phone repair shop owner in Spring, TX and they would tell you that most battery draining problems and discharging issues are the user’s own fault.

Let us explain how wrong we are when it comes to using our smartphones and how we can save another trip to a cell phone repair shop in the city.

Overnight Charging

There are many people in Spring, TX who believe that charging their cell phones overnight is a bad thing. This could not be further from reality because we don’t call them “smart phones” for no reason. Unlike our previous generation phones, these devices are fully aware when the battery is full and when it is not. Therefore, even if you forget to unplug your iPhone from the wall overnight the battery is not going to burst after overcharging.

Drain It Down

Yeah, this is another myth that many people in Spring, Texas believe in blindly. Never do this and if you’re doing it right now, just stop. Today’s lithium-ion batteries are not designed the same way as they used to be up until a decade ago. These do not need to be fully charged and then completely drained to make your phone more efficient. You can charge your cell phone battery whenever you see fit, without worrying about them going bad or needing a repair any time soon.

Leave It On 24/7

Most cell phone repair shops in Spring, TX find one very common practice prevalent among smartphone users of the city. They keep their phones on all the time which is not a good idea at all. You smartphones need to be rebooted at least once a week. Remember, not doing so decreases the lifespan of your battery.