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Yes, it is very common to experience similar problems of hardware and software in your computer as you face in your cell phones. But you don’t have to worry about anything because we excel in computer & laptop repair as well. Repairing or mending a broken computer or laptop isn’t really that difficult or tiring for our experts at Cell+ER Repair.

We can restore all your precious photographs, music files and videos and work related documents and make sure that your computer doesn’t hang or freeze or crash anymore. We fix problems of the most common nature as well as the rarest kind. So bring in your computer if you see your screen flickering or display bubbles or the OS keeps crashing or if you need hard disk recovery.

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Making Your Computer Good As New

You might be skeptical at first by this claim but we at Cell + ER Repair are not just the experts of cell phone repairs and mobile device fixes, or iPhone screen repair specialists or generic bar phone repair gurus. In fact, we also know how to make sure that your computers, laptops, AIO PCs, servers and desktops are working seamlessly day and night. You can count on us for super fast, affordable and reliable fixes that are backed by our warranty.

Computer Repair Near Me

Cell+ER Repair offer repair services for PC and MAC. We service laptop screen replace, LCD screen repair, LCD screen replacement, Dc-in power jack repair, virus removal, cleaning laptop cooling system, data recovery, service and upgrades. It can be a challenge for anyone to keep their computer fully protected from the countless threats that surface every day. Cell+ER Repair understands how frustrating it can be when your computer doesn’t work. We specialize in computer repair and laptop repair in Houston and surrounding areas. We strive to become a valuable and trusted partner by simply fixing your technology right.

Computer problems are an all too common occurrence these days. If you are searching for “Computer Repair Near Me”, you have reached the right company. Whether it is as simple as slow down when loading programs or something as complex as a boot-up errors, it can be tough to get things working again. We will clean off spyware and remove the tricky viruses that may be slowing down your computer. We can also resolve the complex issues that may require replacing or upgrading the computer’s hardware.

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Our Cell+ER expert will consult with you on what is wrong, what needs to be replaced, and the affordable price at which we can repair your device.

Price Match Guarantee

Unbeatable prices! We will match any lower price on cell phone repair services with any local repair shops in Houston and surrounding areas.

Same Day Repair

On average, most repairs can be done in 30 minutes. Simply drop-off and pick-up all in the same day depending on your free diagnostic report.

90-Day Warranty

All our repairs come with warranty. In case the original repair or replacement turns out faulty in any way, bring it back in. No questions asked!