Cell Phone Repair Careers and Employment Houston

Cell+ER is looking for individuals who are energetic, likes to keep up on the latest wireless technology and can work easily on their own. A successful technician can solve technical problems in mobile devices, tablets, computers and more. Our job highlights duties include: detecting issues, listen to customers’ description of phone problem, running tests, replacing parts, and reporting repairs to managers and manufacturers.

We are looking for Cell Phone Repair Technicians, who have excellent technical skills, eye-hand coordination, good vision, and customer focus and a degree in electronics or telecommunications hardware. Cell Phone software knowledge represents an advantage.

Cell+ER technicians are in demand throughout Houston and surrounding areas. our company deals with big and small local retailers of electronics and mobile devices that require skilled and knowledgeable technicians to work at our stores and on an occasion visiting customers at their locations. Cell+ER is also employed by testing labs and other facilities for their mobile service needs.

Cell Phone Repair Careers
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