Our smartphones go where we go! They make our lives easier by providing us with a reliable option to communicate, endless resources for finding information, and are generally just very entertaining devices! While many of us agree that the most important component of smartphones is the actual phone itself, there have been many accessories designed with the sole intention of improving our smartphone experience and taking our usage to the next level of convenience and entertainment!


Listed below are the top accessories you can pair with your iPhone:


Protective Case: While putting a protective case on your iPhone may seem like a no brainer to anyone who has dealt with the high-end expenses of having your iPhone repaired or needing a replacement, the number of cracked screens and damaged phones is as high as it has ever been. Do not gamble with the safety of your device! At Cell+ER we can help you choose the right case for your phone by assessing the amount of protection your phone needs based off of your lifestyle and phone damage history. Protective cases do more than provide a barrier of protection for your phone’s screen. These cases also help to keep the rest of your phone from becoming damaged or worn down over time or from a sudden impact. iPhones that remain in a protective case are more likely to be sold or traded at a higher value, and are less likely to need repair services while you are using it.


Screen Protector: Many people overlook the importance of a screen protector. They feel like if their iPhone is already being stored in a protective case, that there is no need to add an additional covering to the screen of their phone. While it is true most protective cases are enough to protect against a cracked or broken phone screen, they will not help you to avoid scratches. If you ever decide to sell or trade your iPhone and the screen is scratched and worn down, you will not get nearly as much value for your device as you would if it had a clear, scratch-free screen.


Wireless Headphones: With wireless charging ports and wireless headphones we are getting to the point where soon everything will be done without them! If you use your iPhone to listen to music or podcasts while engaging in a physical activity, then wireless headphones may be the perfect accessory for you! With bluetooth technology you will be able to listen to whatever you want on your iPhone with no cords attached!


Power Bank: Nothing is more frustrating than going on a long trip, or spending a day away from your charger and having to worry about conserving the life of your battery. Afterall, we use our iPhones to take pictures, listen to music, call Ubers, and check for nearby shops. Hard to do all of that when your iPhone is at 5%! Luckily, there are hundreds of great options on the market right now to help take your worries away! A power bank allows you to charge your phone remotely and some have extremely quick charge time and enough power to charge multiple phones!


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