There are many questions surrounding the advantages of unlocking smartphones and what motivates people to have their phone unlocked, or as it used to be referred to as “jailbreaking.” Before we dive into the list of advantages to unlocking your smartphone below, it is important to note, unlocking your smartphone is completely legal and does not leave you more vulnerable to hacking or viruses.


International Travel: It is common knowledge that phone plans in the US become very expensive when you choose to add international data and minutes to accommodate your location. With a locked phone you are only able to contact your phone company and add a temporary international plan to your phone. Whenever you have an unlocked smartphone, you have the option of buying an international prepaid SIM card or localized SIM card at a better rate. Using one of these SIM cards will allow you to use your phone abroad with the same freedom as when you are at home.


Switching Service Providers: If your phone is already paid for and you do not like the service you are receiving from your service provider, instead of being locked into purchasing a new phone in order to use another company’s service, you can take your paid phone and switch companies. This can be tricky, with certain companies having specific criteria to accepting your phone, so make sure to do your research ahead of time.


Selling Your Device: Have you ever purchased a used device? There is a good chance that phone was unlocked in order to make it easier to sell. If the phone was only formatted to work with AT&T it makes it more difficult to sell because only people using AT&T would be able to use the device. Unlocking your phone makes it more accessible to more people.

Easier To Replace: Whenever you have an unlocked phone it opens the market for repairs. You are able to remove your sim card and stick it into any other phone while you wait for the repair to be completed, making your life much more simple.

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