We all expect the most out of our smartphones because we rely on them for so many different things, throughout a single day. So what do you do if suddenly your expensive investment starts to malfunction? What if your iPhone suddenly becomes overloaded and can no longer perform simple tasks at high speeds? Your only option to make it a high functioning smartphone again, may be to factory reset it, wiping all of your collected data.


Below are a list of signs and symptoms, that if your smartphone displays, may mean that it is time for you to wipe your phone clean and go back to the basics:


Delayed or laggy accessibility to the Text/SMS application: If you see a delayed time reaction when you are typing out messages, your phone struggles to open messages quickly, your phone often automatically closes out your messages application, or you have difficulty sending or receiving messages, this may be a sign you are in need of a factory reset on your smartphone.


Delay in a live image display in the camera application: If you are unable to get an instant image generated when you try to use the live image feature, this can be an indication your phone is unable to properly function because it has too much going on in the background. A factory restore may be your best option for getting your phone back to normal!


Delay when trying to access contact list: Nothing is more frustrating than trying to access your contacts to make a serious phone call or share information, then being met with a long, delay or pause. Even more frustrating is when your contacts app keeps automatically closing out on you. This is definitely a bad sign and also an indication that you are in need of a factory reset.


Delay when trying to jump to a letter shortcut in your contact list: If when you clock a letter on the right side of your screen and it does not instantly redirect you to that part of your contact list, you may be in need of a factory restore!

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