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We make sure that all your mobile devices and cell phones are safe and secure in our expert's hand. Our skilled technicians offer a wide array of cell phone repair, iphone repair services for all your expensive and latest gadgets in Richmond TX.

  • Warranty

    Our warranty gives you peace of mind and a surety for hassle free cell phone repair near Richmond.

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    Nothing gives you more authenticity & finer functionality than genuine cell phone parts.

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    We stay aware of the newest technologies and trends to give you flawless services.


Cell phone repair issues can relate to a host of things. These can be software or hardware related or even regarding connectivity and tower reception. Our skilled technicians provide you with the highest quality iphone repair, cell phone repair services near Richmond and make sure that your phones, calling tablets and all mobile devices are functioning properly without a single glitch.

  • Repair We take care of all your mobile repair problems such as broken screens, distorted displays, malfunctioning speakers and connectivity problems.
  • Refurbishing Opt for this service if and when you want to reinstate your cell phone devices to their original condition. This process is carried out by certified professionals.
  • Unlocking It doesn't matter what your connection type and bandwidth is. Unlocking your phone is made easy by our skilled technicians and engineers.
  • Motherboard Issues Say goodbye to heating problems, faulty RAM management, hanging problems and connectivity issues due to motherboard glitches.
  • Flashing Not happy with your UI and the version of the software that came with your phone? Get it flashed with a custom ROM and do away with all software problems.
  • Custom Software Build a much better functioning device with highly customized software and applications. Optimize your cell phone devices like never before.

Cell+ER also serves cell phone services in Houston TX, Katy TX, SugarLand TX, Spring TX, Fulshear TX

Devices and Discounts

CELL + ER Phone Repair, Richmond Texas is a trusted name when it comes to repairing your mobile devices whether they are old or new, Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry. Following is the list of devices we are expert in repairing:

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  • iPhone 5, 5s, 5c Series
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  • iPhone 6 screen repair
  • IPhone 6s screen repair
  • iPhone 6 Plus screen
  • iPhone 6s Plus screen
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  • iPhone 7 screen repair
  • iPhone 7 plus screen repair

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We buy new or used smart phones


We Can Fix

  • Corporate Repairs

    We Are Expert At Repairing Business Oriented Devices

    Water damage could affect your handsets in varying degrees. You could have placed your phone where minor splashes could have gone inside the speaker or earpiece of the device. Also a friend of yours could just push you into the pool, not knowing that you were carrying your phone in your side pocket. At times only a minor drying procedure is enough and at times a certain part of the phone may get short circuited and need replacement. We will make sure to assess and examine the phone for the degree of damage its components have suffered due to extensive seepage.

What People Say

  • They replaced it very quickly

    I went to Cell ER on Sawdust one day last week because my screen was shattered. They replaced it very quickly and at a lower cost than I thought it would be in comparison to other repair stores. So today when my battery needed replacing I went back there again. Again, they were quick and efficient and professional. At the same time I was in today, they had an angry customer who was trying to take advantage and get things for free . The two guys in the store handled it very well. They were kind and professional. I am indeed a repeat customer! Love this place!

    - Kim Evans

  • Found a place in Humble to fix

    Found a place in Humble to fix my screen and LED both, which was the cheapest I had found and Mike not only matched their price but beat their price. He was very knowledgeable and explained everything I did not understand. Not to mention, my phone was repaired within 20 minutes. Thank you so much Cell ER!

    - Lauren McAllister

  • This place has great service!!

    This place has great service!! It's fast, and affordable. They're nice people and have even better service. Trust me if you need your phone fixed I recommend here!!

    - Madison Smith

  • Staff was very knowledgeable plus great prices and super quick

    Best place I've been to, and I've been to a lot or repair stores. Staff was very knowledgeable plus great prices and super quick. Nice atmosphere too! Highly recommended!!!

    - Sherell Carter

  • The service is of high quality.

    I am fixing the cracked screen of my iPhone 5s and found this place to have the best price around. The service is of high quality and it only took about an hour for the phone repair. I highly recommend Cell ER for iPhone repair.

    - Danielle Delagarza

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